RGA Supports European Parliament’s Online Gambling Resolution

July 17, 2011 | Posted on by

RGA Supports European Parliament’s Online Gambling Resolution

Recently, the European Parliament approved an online gambling resolution supported by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA).  The resolution for this year began after the Online Gambling Green Paper of European Commission was launched.  The resolution showed some of the interesting aspects related to private sectors of licensed European Online Gambling.  In so doing, the resolution has drawn attention to a unique change within the European gambling sector in terms of understanding and support.

More specifically, the European Commission (EC) is being forced by the resolution to guarantee it will adhere to the European Union’s regulations.  Also targeted are all proceedings against Member States that restrict access to online gambling markets within their state.

RGA’s CEO said that the European Parliament’s resolution has revealed a dramatic alteration in its approach.  Currently, the resolution is keen to regulate online gambling instead of banning it.  Thus, it is compelling EC to take the necessary actions against its Member States that are placing unreasonable restrictions on those seeking to access their online gambling markets.

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